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What We Mean by "Full-Service" Digital Marketing Agency

By: Cate Boller

Do you ever wonder what it really means when we say we’re a full-service digital marketing agency? Well even if you didn’t, I’m here to let you know!

            When it comes to digital marketing, there are a plethora of verticals that make up the ever-changing industry. From photography / videography to influencer marketing, the word “digital” encapsulates it all. The ads you get on your Instagram feeds from brands you don’t follow and probably have never even heard of are possible because of digital marketing. Now is that at the expense of the viewer? Sometimes. But be honest, how many times have you been influenced by one of those ads because they seem to be offering something you’re interested in? Exactly. Though digital marketing is responsible for putting unwanted ads in front of you, it’s also responsible for answering your desires whether you want them to or not.

            There are agencies that specialize in various aspects of digital marketing, whether it be search engine optimization (SEO) or email / SMS marketing, but the best part about GCMG is that we do it all. Instead of having to outsource to multiple vendors to meet all of your digital marketing needs, The GCMG Agency has teams of industry experts in all areas, making us a one-stop shop for anything digital. So, what exactly do we have to offer? Well let’s dive in.


Reporting Analytics / Optimization

            We’re a data driven agency that let the numbers do the talking. Anyone can say they will improve your reach, engagement, and overall following but unless you track your analytics and learn how to optimize them, you won’t really know or make any progress.


Email / SMS Marketing

            You know how you get emails and texts from your favorite brands telling you about new drops, upcoming sales, or whether you want to purchase what’s in your cart? Well, that’s what we call email / SMS marketing. This is a great way to engage new consumers or re-target the ones that have already made a purchase.


Content Creation

            The saying “content is king” didn’t just materialize on its own. Content is often times the first thing a consumer will see from your brand which means it needs to be compelling. Our team of graphic designers does a phenomenal job of making cutting-edge content that keeps the audience coming back for more.


Organic Social Media

            Organic social media is what you consume on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, X, Pinterest, etc. from the brands (or people) that you consciously follow. Simply put, organic means you get what you signed up for.


Paid Ads

Paid ads (also known as paid media) is specifically curated to you based on your habits and interests. Brands are able to use the backend of the platforms you’re on to target you based off the posts you click on, pictures and videos you like, accounts you follow, etc.


Influencer Marketing

            I think we all follow and influencer or two… or maybe five. Brands utilize influencers as a form of marketing for their product or service. By compensating an influencer (someone with a large social following) with either free products, services, or some monetary value, they then post whatever it is you agree to which serves as a form of advertising for your brand.


Search Engine Optimization

            Have you ever asked yourself how things get ranked on Google or whatever search engine you use? It’s through search engine optimization. By strategically using keywords, backend set ups, etc., your website will be ranked accordingly which has a huge effect on your brand because it determines how easy it is for your consumer to find.


Photography / Videography

            Again, “content is king”. Capturing raw, staged, and behind the scenes content is key in order to share your brand’s story. Some content can be created through softwares like CANVA, Photoshop, etc. but making sure you have images and video of your product or service for different aspects of your online presence is vital.


Web Enhancement / Development and Design

            Having a well-oiled website is crucial in establishing credibility and converting prospects into consumers. Prioritizing user-experience and making your website innovative and informational will be key as you gain traffic.


            GCMG offers all of these services. I know, that sounds pretty unheard of. Putting together a team of experts in each of these respected areas has uniquely positioned our agency to be a one-stop shop for all things digital.


We hope this read was DUCKing awesome!


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