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Predicting Social Media Trends For 2023

By: Ariana Solorio

Social media trends are essential to brands and small businesses because they play a crucial part in gaining consumer loyalty. With social media constantly changing to boost user experience, these brands need to keep up with the changes. In 2023, we will see many changes within these social media platforms, so here’s what to look out for in the new year.

Authenticity is going to be one of the biggest trends in 2023. Social media users have been begging for authenticity for the past few years, and brands will fight to give their consumers what they want this coming year. BeReal is one of the newest social media apps and is becoming one of the most popular platforms. BeReal’s primary purpose is to show authenticity. With no option to edit or save for later, the popular app has you take a picture of yourself and whatever you are doing at the moment. In 2023, companies will use BeReal to further engage with their consumers. Not only will companies be able to be candid through BeReal, but other social media platforms will be following along as well. Brands have started doing this by posting relatable content onto one of the biggest platforms, TikTok. This coming year, relatable content will take off on TikTok, and we will see these brands engage with their audience more.

Instagram has become more controversial when it comes to authenticity. Due to influencer culture increasing in popularity, users are dwelling on the concept of posting pictures that will please their audience. With that being said, there are a lot of users who have been trying to make Instagram more authentic. Some of the push for authenticity have been using hashtags such as “#makeinstagramcasualagain” or posting “photo dumps,” which are multiple pictures in a carousel that are more casual, in-the-moment pictures. This trend will carry over into the new year.

Brands need to create loyalty from their consumers, and community engagement is a huge way to earn that loyalty. Social media is and will continue to be one of the most significant ways for brands and small businesses to interact and engage with their consumers. As a result, we will see brands drift away from influencer culture and involve their actual consumers in their social media posts. In addition, we will see many brands start sponsoring and showing their community how authentic they can be to increase consumers and brand loyalty.

Online shopping has become very popular over the years, making it easier and more convenient for shoppers who don’t have time to go to stores physically. Many businesses are also online, contributing to the growth of online shopping. In the past year, social media platforms have made it easier for users to buy products through the app. This type of social commerce will become much more prevalent in 2023. Many social media users will become more comfortable shopping through the apps, which will help brand sales grow exponentially. We will see multiple companies give more sponsorships to popular content creators, and we will also see smaller creators getting subsidies.

As more trends arise in 2023, brands need to adjust. Social media is one of the most significant ways to sell products and gain brand awareness so carefully following the trends in 2023 will help garner this success.


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