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How to Use Instagram for Your Brand

By: Korina Cardenas

Over half of today’s businesses are active on Instagram. With more people joining Instagram daily, it’s essential to use this app to your advantage. Using social media for your brand can be a powerful strategy if used correctly. Instagram can be a creative outlet for you to share your brand, build a community of followers, and broaden your audience. Get familiar with the many marketing strategies Instagram offers and discover how Instagram can help you grow your business.

Learn how to increase your brand's visibility by following these five easy steps:

1. Being Social

Create content that allows your followers to get to know you better. Expand your brand and make content through reels, posts, Instagram stories, and collaborator posts to promote your business. Before publishing your content, remember to use hashtags related to your product, complimentary effects, and trending songs for your page to gain traction.

It is imperative to use trending songs in your reels to boost potential virality and reach wider audiences. Once you upload your reel, your content will be shown on the Explore page, where it will be added to pages with similar content, increasing your visibility.

2. Understanding the Types of Content

There are many different approaches to social media content. Understanding and distinguishing the difference between each type of content is the best way to learn more about your brand. Some basic examples of content include user-generated content, paid content, and influencer marketing content.

User-generated content is a marketing tactic that focuses on the content created by current or potential users. Using UGC is one of the best ways to grow your business because it shows a more authentic side to your brand. It is a genuine way of engaging with your audience, establishing a long-term connection, and promoting your brand.

Paid content is another marketing strategy that focuses on ads and ad production. Showcase your brand using ads to gain more traction for your business. Ads provide clickable links that lead directly to your business page, prompting the user to visit your online website.

Influencer marketing is a business strategy in which your business forms a relationship with an Instagram influencer(s) with a high social following. The influencer will then share your brand with their audience. This tactic is a great way to increase your website’s traffic while gaining a wider social following.

3. Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shop is one of Instagram’s latest features that now promotes your storefront on their platform. Transactions can be made directly in the application, making sales easier than ever. Instagram Shop offers a feature called “product tags,” which highlights products being sold by different brands. This tag can help potential customers learn about the seller’s business and find similar items to the products they’re viewing. This option is especially helpful for businesses to streamline their services to their customers instantaneously.

4. Knowing Your Algorithms

Instagram analyzes how you engage with their app. By using Instagram’s analytics feature, you can keep track of user habits and learn how your audience navigates your business page.

To keep your online presence strong, create content your audience can resonate with that still relates to your brand. Creating great, original content can easily bring more traffic to your business page and improve your conversions. In addition to the content itself, captioning your content with a “call to action” is a simple way to increase your business’s traction and will prompt your audience to engage with each other and your brand.

5. Remembering the Three C’s

When reviewing your business’s online presence, remember the three c’s: content frequency, consistency, and community building.

The formula for curating a successful Instagram business begins with content frequency. Your brand’s frequency indicates the times you post your content. Check out Instagram’s built-in analytics and learn what hours of the day you receive the most engagement on your posts. Get familiar with the timeframes at which your followers are most active and continue to post at that hour.

Consistency suggests how often you post. This strategy will build organic traffic, grow your content pool, and create more opportunities for your business’s virality.

Community building involves engaging with your followers. Try to respond to comments and DM’s as soon as you receive the notification. Every act of engagement will bring more users to your brand and increase your online presence while growing the relationships your brand already has. Users will be more likely to keep interacting with you if they feel recognized by your response.


Despite the mechanics that go into running an online business page, Instagram is meant to be an exciting app. Instagram is the perfect platform to grow your brand and find your audience. Find a post frequency that works for you, make your Instagram stories captivating, create as many reels as possible, and get personal. Your viewers want to see what’s behind the brand, not just the products and services you offer. Use Instagram as an opportunity to grow your relationships and watch how much it benefits your brand!


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