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Four Efficient Tools to Market Your Brand on Facebook

By: Korina Cardenas

Over the years, Facebook has evolved from a passive marketing tool to an active branding platform. More than 200 million small businesses worldwide have created a Facebook profile to market their brand. Now more than ever, Facebook has become the perfect platform for your business because of its ability to interact with customers, keep users updated, and establish a reputation/voice. In order to use Facebook efficiently, your business should familiarize itself with the tools and features provided on this free social network.

Here are four Facebook tools you need to know to market your brand properly:

1. Call-to-Action Button

The call-to-action button, also known as CTA, is a feature on Facebook that is designed to encourage your target audience to take action. The call-to-action button is a hyperlink that can guide your page visitors directly to your business's website, subscription, email, and more. It can be found in the right-hand corner of your Facebook business page, directly underneath your header photo. This feature can be customized to any particular task you want your audience to take.

Call-to-actions on Facebook typically look like:

"Book now"

"Contact us"

"Use app"

"Shop now"

This quick, easy, one-click tool is essential for increasing your company's conversions and ensures higher engagement with your brand.

2. Facebook Analytics

Facebook analytics is designed to visually demonstrate the actions users take on your business page. Here, you can create individual pipelines that may include any sequence of action that you'd like to measure. You can track your Facebook post's metrics, including engagement rates, impressions (how many times a certain post appears on someone's Facebook feed), reach (potential viewers a post could have), and more. Facebook analytics are vital for tracking your digital marketing strategy's success.

3. Audience Insights

Audience insights is a feature that is designed to help you expand your business by reaching new audiences. This tool will help your business recognize the content your audience loves, give you insight on the users who took action on your page, and ultimately will create effective ads for your target audience.

Discover how to gather your business's demographics, page likes, user interests, and data all in one location. Audience insights is a vital tool to use in building your brand because it will give you information that Facebook analytics may not be able to. Learn how to build your target audience by incorporating audience insight into your business routine.

4. Facebook Messenger Bots

Facebook messenger bots is an up-to-date feature that uses artificial intelligence to engage with your audience while helping you manage your business efficiently and seamlessly.

This advanced feature is able to assist with automated information like instant messaging. It is equipped in understanding how to make orders, helping users buy products, and providing shipping notifications at all hours of the day. Facebook messenger bots have become the leading source of success for online businesses.

Facebook messenger bots have evolved to become one of the best practices for providing excellent service to customers through direct, instantaneous communication, offering a sense of urgency and trust that customers can rely on.


Facebook has reigned as one of the leading social networks for centuries with 2.9 million registered users. It has become the perfect platform to expand your brand's visibility, increase your customer engagement, and build/maintain your brand's reputation. Facebook is a valuable asset that can amplify your business if used properly. GCMG can help you utilize Facebook to its full potential, fostering business growth and overall success.


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