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Best Holiday Marketing Campaigns of 2023

By: Ariana Anaya

Not only is the holiday season a time for giving, but it's also a chance for marketers to show off their most inventive and imaginative efforts. This year, a number of businesses stepped up to the plate with memorable ads that won people over. Let's examine three businesses who distinguished themselves in 2023 with their fun and innovative holiday marketing strategies.


1. Coca-Cola's AR Advent Calendar:

Coca-Cola used augmented reality to give the classic advent calendar a contemporary makeover. Users could scan specially designated Coca-Cola holiday packaging with their dedicated mobile app to unlock daily surprises. The AR advent calendar was an interactive and entertaining experience for customers, combining the excitement of the holidays with festive filters, animated characters, and exclusive deals.


2. Disney +’s "12 Days of Disney Magic" Social Media Blitz:

Disney+ created a social media extravaganza with its "12 Days of Disney Magic" campaign. Each day leading up to Christmas, Disney+ revealed exclusive content, behind-the-scenes looks, and surprise announcements across its social media platforms. From sneak peeks of upcoming releases to nostalgic throwbacks, the campaign not only kept audiences eagerly anticipating each day's reveal but also sparked conversations and shares, leveraging the power of social media to create a buzz around Disney+ content during the festive season.


3. Etsy's #HandmadeHolidays Hub:

            Etsy, the e-commerce platform known for its unique and handmade products, curated a delightful holiday hub under the hashtag #HandmadeHolidays. This campaign celebrated the diversity of artisans and creators on Etsy, featuring stories of makers, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and interactive Q&A sessions. Etsy encouraged users to share their own handmade holiday creations using the hashtag, fostering a sense of community among both sellers and buyers. The campaign not only showcased the platform's commitment to supporting independent creators but also created a vibrant and inclusive space for holiday enthusiasts.


Coca-Cola, Disney +, and Etsy clearly showed that a successful holiday marketing campaign goes beyond promotions and discounts. By focusing on emotional connections, interactive experiences, and community engagement, these brands created campaigns that resonated with consumers, making their mark as some of the best in 2023. As we reflect on these innovative approaches, they serve as inspiration for marketers seeking to make a lasting impression during the festive season.


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