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The Type of Content You Should Post on Each Platform

By: Carley Kershaw

It's no secret that social media is the best place to grow your business. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter are some of the biggest social media platforms that can help you extend your reach and connect with potential clients. Though some platforms are similar, they are not all the same. Each has unique features and a unique audience. To produce the best response, it's essential to post content catered to each platform's unique audience. Here is a rundown of what to post where.


With over 2 billion users, Instagram is one of the best places to advertise and introduce new customers to your business and brand. Seventy percent of users open the app to shop, and one in two use it to discover new brands. So, how can you reach all these potential customers or clients? The key is to post entertaining and engaging content that targets your unique audience. This can be professional photos, videos in the form of reels, fun graphics, or testimonials. Reels are especially crucial in growing your reach. They grab your audience's attention in a matter of seconds and are favored by the Instagram algorithm. Reels that are relevant to your targeted audience are more likely to show up on their page than posts. Taking advantage of trending sounds and creating polished, entertaining short-form videos can help your reel get seen. Another way to boost engagement and interact with your audience is to use the "polls" and "question" features on Instagram Stories or repost user-generated content. When your audience interacts with your posts, your content is more likely to appear on other users' pages with similar interests. No matter what type of content you choose to post, you want to be sure that anyone can get a sense of who you are and what your business does just by looking at your Instagram page.


TikTok is the perfect platform for short-form video content. While people of all ages use TikTok, 80 percent of users are between the ages of 16 and 34. The best way to expand your reach and engage your audience is to post funny, relatable, and authentic content. It's even better if this content plays off of current TikTok trends that are popular within the TikTok community. Taking a trending sound and applying it to something within your business allows you to connect with other TikTokers and create unique content. Since TikTok allows for so much creative interpretation and is less polished than other social platforms, users are able to discover the personality behind your brand.


Pinterest is the best place for stunning visual content. Often when users come to Pinterest, they already have an idea in mind and are looking for more inspiration. They might be in search of décor inspiration, ideas for planning an event, recipes, or photoshoot ideas. "How to" videos, tips, and aesthetically pleasing photos or videos that show how your product can benefit someone are all great types of content to post on this platform. Another way to convert pinners into customers or clients is to organize your content into Pinterest Boards. These are virtual vision boards. This tool can help pinners narrow their search and find the type of content they're looking for. Video and idea pins do well on the platform, so we suggest trying this out for your next pin.


Among these social media platforms, Facebook is the largest. With about 2.91 billion monthly active users, there is plenty of opportunity to expand your reach. Much like Instagram, engagement is essential on Facebook. Humorous content, giveaways, content relating to current events, inspirational content, videos, and live streams are great ways to engage followers. Like Instagram, you can also repost and share user-generated content to create a greater sense of community. Try a mix of different media and content to see what garners the biggest response from your followers.


LinkedIn is different than any other social media platform because it is highly focused on connecting professionals and businesses with each other. This platform is useful for sharing updates about your business, accomplishments within your company, hiring opportunities, upcoming business events, or blog posts that are relevant to your industry. Infographics are one of the easiest and most effective ways to share this type of information. You can also share links to blog posts or news. If you are looking to boost engagement, try using the polls feature in one of your posts. This is a fun way for your followers to interact with your business and each other.


Twitter is the platform where you can let your brand voice shine! In the past, it has primarily been a "text-only" platform. Now, it is a great place to share funny photos and videos, links to blog posts, and links to news that relates to your business. Twitter is also great for quick short updates or announcements.

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Jul 01

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