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Improve Your Business Through SMS and Email Marketing

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

By: Montse Chamorro

Short Messaging Service (SMS) and Email Marketing offer many benefits for any industry looking for a new marketing strategy that will increase ROI, improve customer engagement, and lead to higher customer conversion rates. The most significant advantage of SMS/email marketing strategies is that they are permission-based, which allows companies to reach customers who are already receptive to their brand. By using both strategies effectively, companies will gain a larger customer database, understand their customers better, and ultimately make better-informed marketing decisions and strategies.

SMS is an efficient marketing strategy that allows companies to reach consumers in a concise way that's effective, direct, and offers high-open rates. Since SMS is reported to be a 12.6 billion dollar industry by 2025, it offers enormous potential for engaging with current and potential customers by expanding audience reach. Because SMS marketing is relatively inexpensive, companies can try different strategies and better understand what their customers engage with without spending too much money. In addition, the efficient messages strategy enables companies to send out information in an instant if need be.

Email marketing allows companies to promote their business/services/products directly to consumers who are already interested in their brand to increase awareness. Email marketing is generally composed of more complex messages which helps companies build credibility and brand recognition while increasing traffic.

Because people have to subscribe to receive emails/SMS messages, it allows marketers to tailor their marketing strategies specifically to each type of customer and leads to better-informed marketing strategy decisions. Overall, it increases brand awareness and ultimately gives a better understanding of their customer type and what type of content they respond to.

Considering the benefits of both SMS and email marketing, companies in any industry would benefit significantly by implementing both types of advertising into their marketing strategy. Because both marketing strategies increase customer understanding, it offers vast benefits and leads to a more effective outreach and ultimately a higher ROI for any industry.


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