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Different Industries and What Content They Should Use

By: Cate Boller and Korina Cardenas

When it comes to your business, it's important to understand what content works effectively. Content should be customized to your business because it helps establish your brand's identity and can be used as a persuasive tool when reaching your target audience. As we continue to discuss content, let's dive into the specifics!

Here are four general industries and the content that works best for them:

1. Fashion Brands:

Fashion brands should feature heavy amounts of video content, style tips, and "tap to shop" in their posts. Video content is ideal for fashion brands because they are powerful in grabbing your audience's attention. You can collaborate your video content with style tips and show users how they can mix and match items to make complete outfits. To finalize these marketing efforts, the "tap to shop" feature gives the audience a direct path to purchase and is more engaging than just featuring the pieces without an easy way to buy while your audience is intrigued.

2: Service Brands:

Service brands should incorporate more educational content like infographics and how-to guides. Given the industry, the average viewer will be more interested in these types of content, which will ultimately build long-term trust and retention. Oftentimes, service industry marketing can be complex, so utilizing easy-to-read infographics and how-to guides will simplify these subjects and make the product or service more appealing to consumers. This will grab the audience's attention and make them feel more empowered when navigating unfamiliar topics, making them more inclined to become customers and not just viewers.

3. Food Brands:

Food brands can utilize more static imagery and user-generated content than other types of companies. The static imagery they use should be focused on marketing any deals and promotions they have. With that being said, it's imperative for companies and restaurants to photograph and post the food they serve customers. Using user-generated content is an easy and authentic strategy for businesses to create stronger audience relationships while supplying your brand with diverse and relevant content.

4. Financial Businesses:

Financial businesses should use static imagery, infographics, and company news for most of their content. Providing your audience with company news is one of the best ways to give consistent and practical updates to your viewer, which is especially important in the financial industry. Combining your company's news with content such as infographics will help you establish credibility while advertising your brand. In addition, many viewers may need to be more comfortable and knowledgeable about much of the finance industry, so easy-to-read infographics and important news updates will allow the consumer to feel less stressed about such an important topic.

Understanding what content aligns best with your brand is vital in identifying your brand's content strategy. If you need help creating your brand's identity, let The GCMG Agency guide you in the right direction.


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