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6 Essential Skills Every Digital Marketer Should Know

By Alyssa Rinetti

Digital marketing may be a dream job for individuals who are in the marketing industry. Why? The ability to travel the world to create outstanding content, have unlimited vacation time, and enjoy a flexible schedule that allows you to work from home or even across the globe as a digital nomad is appealing.

Like many jobs in the white-collar workforce industry today, digital marketers also need a large range of skills, most of them being a mix of soft and hard skills.

Many of the skills needed involve having the ability to think deeply and strategically in some way, shape, or form! It is this fundamental idea that every top-tier digital marketer should possess.

Some skills will be developed and hopefully mastered over time, but you should be confident that having these skills listed below will make the work you produce something that clients and all consumers of a product will be fond of. On that note, look at the skills listed below that you need to know to excel in your digital marketing career!

1. Social Media is Your Bread and Butter: If you are in digital marketing, it is crucial that you know about the ins and outs of every digital platform that is out there in the marketing industry today. Digital marketers should have an exemplary feel for all the social media platforms they utilize to post content and reach out to an audience. You will need to know what strategies work and what do not, what and when to post, and how to alter the tone of your posts to resonate with the different target audiences that use each platform.

2. Writing and Editing Copy Are Your Thing: Knowing how to write is the most important skill set to have as a digital marketer. Having to write and edit copy is useful so you can market the content effectively to your audience and doing so will get you far in your digital marketing career. Take writing a blog post, for example. If you know what makes a great blog post and how to research and write good content, then you will be more than equipped to prolong or start your digital marketing skillset.

3. Sales and Persuasion: In marketing, your job is to change someone's mind. How? The art of persuasion that comes across in your copy is necessary when forming a powerful brand image/message in the content you curate for your clients, or even trying to bring to life a new campaign idea if that is something your client would like.

4. Basic Design Skills is a Must: Much of digital marketing today is compelled by visuals. Content on all the social media platforms functions better when accompanied by fantastic images! In digital marketing, you need to know how to form and rework your own visuals. It is great if you can come up with an email banner or social media image in Photoshop or Canva by yourself, so you do not need to go through another person to do it!

5. Storytelling: Being able to tell a story both with your graphics and writing style is very important. Doing so will help you express your ideas in a way that makes your audience feel enticed to want to know more about the product or person you are selling. People will yearn to continue looking at or reading your work and will grasp the message in its entirety from start to finish!

6. Creative and Analytical Skills: Finally, digital marketing is both creative and analytical in nature. To be truly victorious at digital marketing, you should be able to bring both art and science to your work and comprehend how to juggle both important skillsets, so you can deliver a piece of content to your clients and consumers that will resonate with them for a very long time.

If you are not already, mastering these skills will help you become the digital marketer that you have always wanted to be. Yes, it may take weeks, months, or even years, but the work that you put into learning and developing these skills will be worth it once you see that the outcome of your work is a success with your client or audience.


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